Year 6 , Class 6 Liturgy

Year 6, Class 6 led us in pray as we reflected on the importance of justice in our lives and in our world.  They sang a beautiful rendition of Heal the World at the end.

lit1 lit2


Year 6, Class 7 Liturgy

Year 6 led us in prayer at their liturgy about St Peter and St Paul.  They explained about the life of the Saints and re-enacted the story of St Paul’s conversion.  St Peter even joined us to explain how we should live our lives.



Safety Works

Year 6 visited Safety Works in Newcastle to learn how to look after themselves in a variety of situations.

sw1 sw2


Working with the W.I.

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed working with the W.I. who have come in every Friday afternoon for the past two terms to work with both Year 6 classes.  We have learnt a variety of handicraft skills like knitting and embroidery, producing some fantastic work.

wi 1 Wi 2


Convent Visit

As part of the Year of Mercy, Year 6 Class 7 visited the Convent in Oaklea, Sunderland, to learn about the work of the Sisters of Mercy.  Sister Josepha showed them around and explained the history of the orders work in Sunderland.

c1 c2 c3 c4


Youth Village

Year 6 had a great time when they joined lots of other schools from the Diocese at the Emmaus Village near Consett in a day run by the Youth Mission Team.  They thought about their own special talents and how special we all are to God.

ymt 1 ymt 2


Bowling Alley Treat

After all of their hard work, Year 6 enjoyed their end of year treat at the Bowling alley.

ba 1 ba2 ba3











Year 6 were invited to visit the construction site for the new bridge which will be built across the River Wear in Sunderland.  They had a very interesting time learning about building site safety and Northumbria Water’s improvements to water drainage in Pallion and the local area.

sb5 sb6 sb7

We visited the University of Sunderland on the river Wear, a site which was heavily bombed during World War 2.

Sunderland University Visit

Thinking about rationing in World War 2, we used a war time recipe to bake some cakes.

Baking WW2