Work assignments are set from early in the reception year throughout the school to Year 6. With our youngest pupils we endeavour to give on average 10 minutes per night increasing to on average to 30 minutes per night in Year 6. We look to, and expect from our parents, support of their children in ensuring assignments are completed. The school has a tradition of laying emphasis on the development of reading. Therefore from early on, reading books are taken home for pupils to practise and extend their reading. This enables parents to listen to their children read and gain an appreciation of their progress. Work relating to Mathematics, English or Science may be given. Within Key Stage 1 this will involve issues such as learning spellings, tables or worksheets relating to the core subjects.

Sometimes the child will be asked to find out information relating to a given subject topic he/she is covering in the school. At the lower end of Key Stage 2 work will be given on Mathematics and English tasks. Extended topics are sometimes given which are cross curricular and designed to be open ended both in length and time. In Year 6 work related to the core subjects is given to practise, extend and revise knowledge and skills to be assessed in the end of Key Stage SATs.

The teaching staff greatly appreciate the interest and support which is given by parents. We feel this is a vital ingredient to the successful completion of homework assignments.