Gold Award Assembly

Very well done to everyone who was awarded in our end of term assembly.  There were also quite a few children awarded with The Year of Mercy certificates for their kind acts of mercy.

g a 1 g a 2 g a 3


Concert for Mrs Galbraith

We had a surprise concert in school especially for Mrs Galbraith where every class sang a song from the musicals.   She absolutely loved it, even more so because we had just about managed to keep it a secret.  Some children also read out poems and their memories of Mrs Galbraith.  A highlight was the dance presented by The Dance Club to the song ‘Time to Say Goodbye’.  It was so beautifully choreographed .  We presented Mrs Galbraith at the end with the rest of her retirement present  – an engraved paperweight made at the Sunderland Glass centre, a willow tree angel, an icon of  St. Joseph and a book.  She was delighted.  Finally at the end she cut her retirement cake and we all shared it with her.  It certainly was an afternoon to remember.  We are going to miss her very much but wish her a very Happy Retirement.

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Summer Music Concert

What a fabulous night was had by all at our Summer Soiree.  The concert was dedicated to our own special Mrs Galbraith, as she retires at the end of the summer term.  Parents were entertained by the clarinets, saxophonists, and violinists.  Year 6 shared their special liturgical dance Testify and the choir sang a range of special songs, including their own versions of Consider Yourself and Thank you for the Chances, with words particularly apt for Mrs Galbraith.  The highlight of the evening was the song composed by Year 6 called Thank you.

smc 1 smc 2 smc 3 smc 4 smc 5



Procession to st Gabriel’s

School were invited to join the parish in a service and procession to St Gabriel’s.  The school choir sang the Hail Mary and a group of children performed a liturgical dance.  It was a beautiful prayerful experience for everyone.

sg 1 sg2 sg3



Donation to ‘Open House’

During the Year of Mercy we have collected and donated over 200 tins of soup to ‘Open House’ in the town centre, to feed the hungry.  Mrs Murray, who used to work at our school as a supply teacher and now volunteers at Open House, was presented with the tins during our whole school liturgy.

ym1 ym2


Prayer Station

We set up our prayer station to pray for the homeless.



Year 6 , Class 6 Liturgy

Year 6, Class 6 led us in pray as we reflected on the importance of justice in our lives and in our world.  They sang a beautiful rendition of Heal the World at the end.

lit1 lit2


Year 6, Class 7 Liturgy

Year 6 led us in prayer at their liturgy about St Peter and St Paul.  They explained about the life of the Saints and re-enacted the story of St Paul’s conversion.  St Peter even joined us to explain how we should live our lives.



Safety Works

Year 6 visited Safety Works in Newcastle to learn how to look after themselves in a variety of situations.

sw1 sw2







Working with the W.I.

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed working with the W.I. who have come in every Friday afternoon for the past two terms to work with both Year 6 classes.  We have learnt a variety of handicraft skills like knitting and embroidery, producing some fantastic work.

wi 1 Wi 2





Bowling Alley Treat

After all of their hard work, Year 6 enjoyed their end of year treat at the Bowling alley.

ba 1 ba2 ba3


Convent Visit

As part of the Year of Mercy, Year 6 Class 7 visited the Convent in Oaklea, Sunderland, to learn about the work of the Sisters of Mercy.  Sister Josepha showed them around and explained the history of the orders work in Sunderland.

c1 c2 c3 c4




Youth Village

Year 6 had a great time when they joined lots of other schools from the Diocese at the Emmaus Village near Consett in a day run by the Youth Mission Team.  They thought about their own special talents and how special we all are to God.

ymt 1 ymt 2







Minni Vinnie Toiletries Appeal

Our Minni Vinnie  appeal to raise toiletries before Christmas was a tremendous success and we were able to help many people this year. Eugene from the SVP in St Joseph’s Church came to school to collect them and told us that those we have helped are pleased to think that someone really cares.





School Choir singing this Christmas

Well done to the school choir who have taken the Christmas message into the community by singing at Sainsburys and the Holy Cross Home this year.


Holy Cross Home



Early Years and Key Stage 1 Nativities

Congratulations to our children in Early Years and Key stage 1 who entertained us with amazing nativity plays this year. They spoke beautifully, acted beautifully and sang beautifully, reminding us in a very special way of the true meaning of Christmas.  Well done everyone – we’re very proud of you!


SDC12856 KS1 eyfs DSC02614



Year 6 Multi-Media Day

Year 6 spent an amazing day at Monkwearmouth College, working with Jane, to create a multi- media presentation. The task was to create a digital Christmas card and what a fast paced, great day it was covering a lot of the computing curriculum!


The children all created their own moving Christmas Card adding images, gifts and a personal message for their families to view on line, which are amazing. They even made themselves look like Santa Claus!






Interfaith Week

The whole school recently had an interfaith week.  Mrs Van Der Velde from the Gosforth Synagogue came to school and led a whole school assembly on the Jewish Harvest.  She then led workshops with each class which included Shabbat, The Torah, Pesach and Yom Kippur.  Year 3 visited the synagogue in Gosforth.






We all dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl character to launch the Reading Challenge.


These are some of our winning costumes.  Don’t they look ‘Dahlicious’!



In Year 5 we focused on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We designed our own sweets and described them using figurative language.

rd9 rd8 rd7 rd6 rd5 rd4 rd3 rd2 rd

Year 2 had an amazing day on the launch of our ‘Dahlicious’ Reading Challenge. We all dressed as our favourite Roald Dahl characters and did some wonderful work based on Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches.’ We made potions, made wands and decorated witches hats!


Year 6 had a great time dressing up as characters from Roald Dahl books for our ‘Dahlicious’ day, when our Reading Challenge was launched across the school.  Our class enjoyed reading The Twits and writing further chapters for the book.  Can you guess which characters we are?

sb3 sb4


Gold Award Winners  – Summer Term

What a great way to end the school year.  Well done everyone!

sga sga1 sga2




Gold Award Winners – Spring Term

Our ‘Gold Award Winners’ have really excelled themselves this term. Very well done everyone!

ga ga1 ga2


Summer Music Concert

What a magical summer evening with wonderful music by our talented children.  Fabulous!

sc sc1 sc2



Spring Music Concert

What a brilliant night was had by all. Parents were entertained by our fabulous, budding musicians with a range of music from Grieg to their own compositions. We’re now eagerly looking forward to our ‘Summer Soiree’ the programme of which is a closely guarded secret!





EYFS Easter Bonnet Parade

Congratulations to all of our children in EYFS who entertained their families so well at the end of term with several songs before taking part in their Easter Parade. Judging the hats was a hugely difficult task and in fact every child was a winner. Well done everyone!

eb eb1



‘Steppin Out’ Jazz Quintet

‘Steppin Out’ Jazz Quintet entertained the school with a scintillating performance. The visit was the prize won by our school choir for being runners up in the ‘City Sings’ competition this year. The school choir enjoyed performing their winning songs accompanied by the band.

DSC01069 DSC01073 DSC01503 DSC01517


Interfaith Days

We’ve welcomed two visitors into school to help us learn about other faiths. Mrs Yusef gave an assembly on Islam then led workshops for each year group. Mrs Van der Velde, from the Jewish community, delivered a similar programme on Judaism. Year 3 visited the Synagogue in Newcastle and Year 4 the Hindu Temple in Newcastle.


DSC01442  DSC01484 DSC01550 DSC01552 DSC01553 DSC01471


DSC01567 DSC01570 DSC01579 DSC01589 DSC01590 DSC01565



World Book Day

World Book day was huge success. The aim was to both provide lots of fun for the children (and staff) and to raise the profile of reading across the school. Everyone dressed up as a favourite book character and showed how creative we can be. The storyteller ‘…’. visited school for the day and told stories to all of our groups.

Scroll down the page to see photographs from across the school.

DSC00785 DSC00790 DSC00791 DSC00795 DSC00797 DSC00801 DSC00802 DSC00804 DSC00843 DSC01474 DSC05501 DSC05550


City Sings

Well done to our fantastic choir who were runners up in the City Sings competition this year. It was a close call, with the judges going to a second vote! Fantastic everyone, we’re really proud of you all….keep on singing!

DSC01466 DSC01469


Gold Award Winners – Autumn Term

Our ‘Gold Award Winners’ have really excelled themselves this term. Very well done everyone!

DSC00843 DSC00846


Choir singing in the local community

Our school choir brought Christmas joy to the community when they entertained the ‘Angelus Club’ at Christmas and sang at the BMW Dealership.

DSC00671 DSC00677 FullSizeRender

EYFS and KS1 Nativities

We are very proud of our youngest children in school who performed beautifully in their Nativity plays this year and reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas.

DSC00822 DSC00825 DSC00826 DSC00832 DSC00833 DSC00835 DSC00836



Congratulations to our ‘Anti-Bullying Team’ who represented us so well at Sunderland’s Anti Bullying Conference. Over the course of the year they will be reviewing the children’s own ‘Anti Bullying Policy’ and working towards an Anti-Bullying Charter mark.

DSC00002  DSC00017 DSC00025 DSC00027 DSC00004


Harvest Liturgy

Harvest 1

This year all of the food items collected at harvest time were donated to the ‘Open House’ project, based at St. Mary’s in the town centre. This runs every Thursday to provide a hot meal for those who may not get one that day. Mrs Murray came to our special liturgy and gratefully accepted the donated goods on behalf of ‘Open House’. Thank you for your support in thinking of others.

Harvest 2

DSC00033 DSC00460 DSC00461 DSC00462 DSC00464 DSC00465


My World Day

On ‘My World Day’, each class in school looked at a different country. We learned about countries that children in our school came from.

In each class, the children came dressed in the colours of the flag of their country and took part in a range of activities including painting, dancing, food tasting, listening to music and research.

DSC00043 DSC00044 DSC00055 DSC00194 DSC00197 DSC00433 DSC00198 DSC00054 DSC00062 DSC00064 DSC00072


Reading Challenge

Our reading challenge was launched with an exciting theme this year. We had a Harry Potter theme day and the birds of prey were a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all. We all watched in amazement as they swooped around the hall, performing little tricks!

DSC03600 DSC03599 DSC03581 DSC00582  DSC00150